czgregoire studio

oils and watercolors by
​Colleen Zacharias Gregoire

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Celebrating Our Lives in the Midwest


These porches from late 19th century and early 20 century homes are the perfect stage for capturing a chance, narrative moment in time.  The pattern of light and shadow,  the windows that reveal a glimpse of the interior or an intriguing reflection, and the objects on display help create the subtle drama of the nostalgic porch. 


As a student of Robert Sudlow at KU, I was thrilled with the freedom of plein air painting, and the endless possibilities the Kansas  landscape provides.  Now many years after finishing my graduate studies, the Kansas landscape has continued to be a challenging and rewarding theme.


Available in pencil, watercolor or oils.  Finished paintings are composed from photographs taken by the artist.   The challenge of capturing an individual's likeness on canvas or paper and creating a family keepsake is one of the artist's favorite subjects. Commissions by request.

YOU can own an original work of art.

Purchasing an original work of art is an investment. You want to add quality pieces to your collection for you and your heirs to enjoy for years to come.  Colleen uses professional, archival materials to ensure the quality and longevity of your purchase. Contact the artist today to purchase a piece you see here OR to commission a unique work made just for you.
YOU can own an archival print.

On a budget? Consider ordering a print of your favorite painting seen here. Prices range from $40 to $400. Prices do not include matting and framing or delivery. Prints are made on Premium Acid- Free Giclee paper and use UV ink that resists fading.
Click here to see a list of print prices in standard sizes. 

YOU can contact Colleen for your graphic design needs.​

Over 14 years of experience with the  local United Way allowed the artist to develop her graphic design skills.  Examples seen on this website include campaign fundraising brochures, event fliers and annual reports.  Contact the artist today to discuss working with her on your upcoming projects.
Graphic design examples

Heading 1

  1. Yellow Corner Porch
  2. Yellow Hull
  3. Wedding Portrait Sample
  4. After the Storm
  5. Victorian Wicker Chair Porch